Bristol Tattoo Convention 2024

Ashton Gate Stadium
6 - 7 July 2024

Application Terms

Artist terms

I agree on behalf of the artist and studio named, to release Bristol Tattoo Convention Ltd. and its employees and agents from all manner of claims, actions and demands in law arising from the procedure of tattooing, damages, accidents or thefts in the work area.

Please check that you are covered by suitable insurance to work the event.

If travelling from overseas please ensure you have in place all relevant documentation to support your visit.

I agree to provide current valid copies of personal and studio licences as requested.

I understand that upon signature I am entering into an agreement with Bristol Tattoo Convention Ltd. and the venue.

I agree to follow the safety and hygiene procedures outlined below whilst working at Bristol Tattoo Convention:

  • ID clients to ensure they are aged over 18.
  • Hand out consent forms to all clients before getting tattooed.
  • Provide all clients with aftercare instructions and advice.
  • Wash hands using the dedicated artist hand wash stations.
  • Wear disposable gloves and change frequently throughout procedures.
  • Keep all work areas clean and tidy at all times, covering all work surfaces to prevent any cross contamination.
  • Clean the workstation between each client.
  • Dispose of needles and hazardous waste in containers and bags provided.
  • Only use single use and disposable equipment.
  • We do not provide any sterilisation facilities.
  • Bring with you clearly marked and labelled sanitising products, any diluted solutions must be measured to manufacturers instructions.
  • If travelling from abroad please inform us of any products you may require.

The booth includes:

  • 2 power sockets per artist.
  • Artist work table.
  • Front display table.
  • Hazardous waste bag.
  • Sharps container.
  • General waste bag.
  • Bottled water, cups and kitchen roll.
  • Reprographics and transfer services are provided free of charge.

Trade supplies will be on sale at the convention via suppliers.

All booths are enclosed shell scheme with lighting and fascia board.

Booths are 2m x 2m with 30cm x 2m fascia board.

Booth fee is £420 inc. VAT per artist.

Fee includes one additional helper pass.

Fee includes all licence and registration fees related to Bristol City Council.


Please click the following link for Bristol City Council Tattoo Byelaws.

Trader terms

You agree to keep booth area clean and tidy and to work within the boundaries of the booth.

Trade booths are not to be used for Tattooing, 

You agree to not sell any alcohol or offensive weapons.

Trade Booths are fully enclosed shell scheme with fascia board.

All booths will have a minimum of 2 power sockets.

You will receive 2 working passes for the weekend.

Booths sizes available are :

2x2 metre

3x3 metre

4x2 metre

5x2 metre

6x2 metre

Your space at the show is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

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